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A smart but unpredictable opponent

Battle-tested enemy logic creates a worthy opponent. Each action is generated from multiple inputs providing a realistic battle that keeps you guessing.

X-Wing AI uses the same enemy logic as the AI from Heroes of the Aturi Cluster and Flight Group Alpha.

AI stat cards from Flight Group Alpha

X-Wing 1.0 and 2.0

A unique set of maneuvers, actions, and targeting priorities for every ship in the game. There's something new to discover every time your miniatures hit the table.

Two lego minifigs dressed as stormtroopers

Keeps your playmat clear

Track enemy shields, hull, and energy right in X-Wing AI. The app also replaces the AI stat cards, one less thing to worry about.

A pile of X-Wing tokens

5-star reviews

Awesome AI for X Wing

by Lord Fajubi

Really enjoy this app both playing solo and co-op. It is challenging enough you have to pay attention and just the little extras like a free target lock or focus action makes the AI deadlier than it would normally be. It made me love my X Wing ships again. If you have ships but can't set up or find a game? Get this app.

Amazing for Heroes of the Aturi Cluster

by Slightly Mad Guy

I’ve been a long time user of the app, and had the privilege to work on the beta team for the 2.0 launch. This app performs fantastically for both solo play and campaign missions in HotAC. The creator is very involved with the community and does a great job integrating new ideas into the app. I highly recommend this for all of your X-Wing needs, whether practicing or campaigning!

Great app

by CaldazarSG

Perfect for HotAC, really speeds up and streamlines the AI planning. Just started using it for AI against which I am testing new squadron builds, seems promising for that as well. Simply and easy to use. Had a brief issue with the app, reached out to Joe and he followed up multiple times until resolution, fantastic service. If you play HotAC or solo, this is the app to use!

Coming soon to Google Play

X-Wing AI for Android

X-Wing AI for Android is still being worked on. Sign up for updates or to help beta test.

X-Wing AI

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